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Corridor of high-rise buildings will drastically change the downtown San Diego skyline

If you have recently walked or driven around East Village, more specifically, around the Park Boulevard and Eleventh Street corridor, you may have noticed what seems to be a lot of cranes and construction activity.

Construction crews at these sites began excavating almost without warning and little did we know that what they were working on will change our skyline for generations to come.

You are probably just as curious as we are to find out what these buildings will eventually end up looking like and what each building will consist of. So, we dug up some information about these buildings and are excited to share the details with you and we would like to hear your thoughts on these developments too.

In totality and to put the projects in the Park and 11th corridor in perspective, here are some general data on the number of active, pending and completed construction projects in all of downtown San Diego, as of July 2018.

Completed projects: 232 condominiums 626 apartments 70k retail 44k office 98 hotel rooms

Development projects under construction (21): 285 condominiums 4,155 apartments (315 affordable) 160k retail 52k office space. 765 hotel rooms

Approved projects pending construction (26): 365 condominiums 4,144 apartments (562 affordable) 332k retail 1,825k office 2,218 hotel rooms

Projects submitted pending approval (14) 331 condominiums 2,192 apartments (171 affordable) 69k retail 117k office 364 hotel room

Source: Civic San Diego

Park x Eleventh Corridor Projects

Three new high-rise and two low-rise buildings are currently being constructed on just two of the eleven blocks on the Park Boulevard and Eleventh Street corridor. One additional high-rise on an additional block will be added, should the approval be granted. For good measure, these buildings will forever change the skyline of downtown San Diego.

Park and Market

Park x Market x Eleventh x G 601 11th Avenue (Tower) 660 Park Boulevard (Office low-rise)

Currently, the largest in size active construction project in the east village neighborhood is a full block of mixed-use development on 51,600 SF. of city-owned land space the developer, Holland Partner Group, paid $12.3M.

The Park and Market apartment building and the downtown home of University of California San Diego’s satellite campus are being constructed on the site bounded by Market street, G street, Eleventh Avenue, and Park Boulevard.

Park and Market will consist of a 34-story apartment tower with 426 units, standing 370 feet tall with 745,000 SF of residential space a 4 storyoffice building will keep the apartment tower company, the office space will have 14,600 SF of office/retail space.

Holland was granted a site development permit (SDP) to allow significant alterations to the historic Remmen Building which was already on the site. Holland plans to incorporate the rehabilitated building to the development design.

For more pictures, fast facts, stats and development data, click here.

11th and Broadway (Pinnacle towers)

Park x Broadway x Eleventh x E 1100 Eleventh Avenue

The latest mixed-use development constructed by Canadian developer, Pinnacle International, currently named “11th and Broadway”, will consist of two towers and will be constructed on 40,000 SF land bounded by Broadway Boulevard, Park Avenue, Eleventh Street, and E Street.

The mixed-use development will consist of approximately 11,361 SF of combined commercial space. Tower 1, the 31 story south tower will stand 310 FT tall. and tower 2, the 32 story north tower will stand 319 FT tall. Combined, both towers will consist of 636,360 SF of residential space and 618 apartment units, 39 of the apartments will be designated as affordable apartments.

In addition, there will be plenty of parking space in the two towers, 639 of them to be exact. The developer will incorporate 10,630 SF of outdoor space on the shared fourth floor of both buildings. This is where the swimming pool and other outdoor living facilities will be built.

For more pictures, fast facts, stats and development data, click here.

F11 Apartments

Park x E x Eleventh 812 Park Blvd

A low-rise, set on a 25,056 SF piece of land bounded by Park Boulevard, E Street and Eleventh Street is the most recently completed mixed-use project in the corridor. The project development was completed by The Richman Group.

The 7 story, 99 apartment unit building consists of 79,828 SF residential space and 5,644 SF of ground floor retail space. The third-floor outdoor amenity area is a wood deck space that consists of a gathering area with fire pit and lounge seating. Additional to this outdoor space is a barbecue area with a 4ft pool and jacuzzi.

For more pictures, fast facts, stats and development data, click here.

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