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Broadstone Makers Quarter

Development Profile: Project name: Broadstone Makers Quarter. Project address: 939 16th Street San Diego, CA. 92101. Owner: Navarra Properties, Broadway, L.P. Developer: Alliance Realty Partners, LLC. Downtown neighborhood: East Village (Makers Quarter). Market: Mixed-use development (Multifamily residential and commercial)

Building specifications and figures: Current status: Complete. story mid-rise (85 ft.) 298 residential units, 4600 sq ft. amenity space, 2 interior courtyards, swimming pool. 343 parking spaces. 550 sq. ft. studios to 1200 sq. ft. bedroom apartments. 5,100 sq. ft. of street-level commercial space. $60-million cost to develop. LEED certification pending

Economic Impact: Approximately 290 construction jobs and 25 permanent jobs created. Downtown public facilities financing plan: $2,146,851 development impact fees. Funding share for new parks, fire station, and traffic circulation improvement in Downtown.

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